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Celebrating your uniqueness, your inner shine


There is always a shining light at the end of the dark tunnel, therapy is the process that enables us to reach it.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Frustrated? Different? 

Maybe you struggle to manage your thoughts and emotions? Do you feel incapable, a failure, feel anxious?


In Counselling therapy I can help build your resilience and confidence for life’s challenges, support you to find your inner peace and contentment, help you to realise you are unique, special and valid, discover your inner shine.


Maybe you suspect you may have an undiagnosed condition like ADHD, Dyslexia or Autism, or are a parent or carer supporting someone with one of these diagnosed Neurodiverse conditions. 


As a late diagnosed dyslexic person myself and a parent of a dyslexic child, I understand what it is like to feel these emotions and the challenges this brings in life. This has given me the passion and ability to work alongside people who feel overwhelmed and different for what ever reason.


I have therapy rooms in both Rochford and Rayleigh or can speak remotely if you prefer.

Counsellor Densie.jpeg

Denise Gleed HDip

Professionally Qualified Counsellor

How shine counselling therapy has helped me

Neurodiverse Challenges

 I have long suspected I may be on the autistic spectrum. I have been able to explore this with Denise in a way that doesn’t feel as though there’s something wrong with me and how I process the world, and she shows a good understanding and awareness of how I may process things differently than others.

Low self confidence
 Therapy has made me see things differently and appreciate me as a person better than I used to feel about myself – it taught me that I need to try and put myself first and do what is better for me – I reflect on my therapy conversations and try to think before going back to how I was.
Anxiety and self doubt 

Denise's expertise in the field of mental health is evident in every session. She has provided me with valuable insights and practical strategies to help me manage my anxieties. Her guidance has helped me to tap into my own strengths and experiences and take control of my mental health journey. 

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